How can airplanes fly through lightning storms?

It is estimated that on average, each airplane in the U.S. commercial fleet is struck lightly by lightning more than once each year. In fact, aircraft often trigger lightning when flying through a heavily charged region of

Can a jet pilot influence the amount of noise a plane makes while taking off?

Yes they can, when they are directed to do so. An extreme example is the “noise abatement departure” from Orange County’s John Wayne Airport. The Airport maintains 10 permanent noise monitoring stations located to the north and

What types of aircraft has Tim Hibbetts flown over the course of his military and civilian careers?

You know what’s really cool about this question? I feel uniquely suited to answer it. And not just, “I have an interesting side point,” or “How about a funny anecdote?” I think I’m in a position to

One dead five injured as light aircraft crashes in Naivasha

One person has died after a light aircraft with six people on board crashed and caught fire at Sanctuary Farm in Naivasha. The five others suffered injuries, with one in a serious condition, a Kenya Red Cross

Biggest Airplanes Largest In The World – Antonov vs Airbus vs Boeing

Her is the total length of Biggest Airplanes Largest In The World – Antonov, Airbus and Boeing Airbus Beluga (Airbus A300-600ST), Length : 56.15 m (184 ft 3 in), Boeing Dreamlifter (Boeing 747 Dreamlifter), Length : 71.68 m

How does a Turbo Fan Engine CFM56 7 Work

The turbofan or fan jet is a type of air breathing jet engine that is widely used in aircraft propulsion. The word “turbofan” is a portmanteau of “turbine” and “fan”: the turbo portion refers to a gas

What is its function of a large metal plate behind the plane on an aircraft carrier, when it ready to take off?

It’s hard to see in most of the photos I could pull up, but the four panels are cooled with water to keep them from melting under the 1700°C onslaught. Seriously, a plane can sit with its

Investigation into Emirates plane crash reveals pilot tried to abort landing

A PRELIMINARY report into last month’s Emirates airliner crash landing in Dubai found that the pilot attempted to take off again after briefly touching down, and that the plane ultimately hit the runway as its landing gear

Plane skids off runway, breaks in two

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA—Flight 523 from New York had just touched down and passengers were applauding the pilot’s landing in this South American country when something suddenly went wrong. The Boeing 737-800 slid off the end of a rainy

How Runway Status Lights provide runway status information to pilots

Runway Status Lights is a fully automated system that provides runway status information to pilots and surface vehicle operators to indicate when it is unsafe to enter, cross, or takeoff from a runway. The Runway Status Lights