The beginning of a pilot life…


“The aviation dream came to me when I was 11. Since both my parents were flying, aviation was in a way ‘normal’ to me and when I needed to make a decision in high school which direction to go to, I had the feeling it needed to pick something ‘special’ and different. There were interesting professions and directions to choose from, but nothing really attracted me. Then somebody asked me ‘why don’t you also choose to fly?’ And strange enough, from that moment on I started thinking about it and I became more and more enthusiastic. I went gliding, checked flight schools and spoke with my parents. As soon as I finished my high school I started in the summer in Slovenia with my initial flight training. I lived there for 2 years and it was an amazing experience for me, beautiful country, great flying and nice people. As soon as I completed my flight training I had a short holiday and then started with the MCC/JOC in the Netherlands. It was really interesting and a nice transition for me between the small aviation and civil aviation. Then it was time to approach companies and look for a job. Not the most easy part, no or late replies and a lot of waiting. I still cannot believe that my dream came trough and I’m flying jets for a living, I just love it.

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