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10 Top Paying Jobs in Aviation

Many people wish for the glamorous lifestyle and income of a pilot. But, do pilots always wear crisp uniforms and make the big bucks? Not necessarily, according to Al Lee, director of quantitative analysis at online salary database PayScale.com.

Pakistani pilot sisters make history by flying Boeing 777 aircraft at the same time

Two sisters working as pilots have become the first pair to concurrently fly Boeing 777 aircraft. Maryam Masood and younger sister Erum Masood, who work as pilots for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), have both flown various planes

What are some things that airline pilots won’t tell you?

Most pilots won’t tell you that “air traffic control delays” aren’t really ATC’s “fault”; these delays would be better termed “overscheduling delays”. The vast majority of what the airlines and system term “ATC delays” are actually from

What does a pilot say when he thinks he is going to crash?

I waited a long time to answer this, mainly because listening to cockpit voice recorder tapes has been about the worst part of my career in aircraft accident investigation. I put it above running across unrecovered body