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Types of Gas Turbine Engines.

An aircraft turbine engine is the most widely used propulsion system in the aviation industry. Turbine engines come in several types, each with its own requirements for maintenance and aircraft engine overhaul. That’s why it is important

Runway Lighting Technical Specifications

Technical specifications  Runway lighting is used at airports that allow night landings. Seen from the air, runway lights form an outline of the runway. A particular runway may have some or all of the following: Runway end

Aircraft flight control system

Primary controls Generally, the primary cockpit flight controls are arranged as follows: a control yoke (also known as a control column), centre stick or side-stick (the latter two also colloquially known as a control or joystick), governs

Can a jet pilot influence the amount of noise a plane makes while taking off?

Yes they can, when they are directed to do so. An extreme example is the “noise abatement departure” from Orange County’s John Wayne Airport. The Airport maintains 10 permanent noise monitoring stations located to the north and

What types of aircraft has Tim Hibbetts flown over the course of his military and civilian careers?

You know what’s really cool about this question? I feel uniquely suited to answer it. And not just, “I have an interesting side point,” or “How about a funny anecdote?” I think I’m in a position to